The Great Sasquatch – Book App Review

22nd Jan 2015

  ★★★★★  $ 2.99 Bramble Berry Tales – The Great Sasquatch ” This story is beautiful on many levels.  The illustrations are amazing and colorful.  The story itself is an amazing story about friendship and not judging a book by its […]

Snowman Joe Book App Review

31st Dec 2014

An absolute favorite.  ‘Snowman Joe’ is a heart warming winter time book app for all !    $1.99 ” This is a delightful winter tale perfect for reading during the holiday season. It is about a snowman who wants the stars to know he is […]

The Little Bug Book APP review

30th Oct 2014

 ★★★★★  $ 2.99   Another amazing book app recommendation by Aridan Books.  Jackie Littman – creator and graphic designer – delivers an amazing interactive storybook for children to read and explore.  This story delivers important literary elements, while enhancing a child’s understanding about the […]

Curious George Goes Camping Book APP review

20th Sep 2014

 ★★★★★  $ 2.99 “I love this app!  I’m a big fan of Curious George, but to be honest, the books are dated and the new generations are not as engaged by the illustrations.  This app does a great job of […]

Vincent the Anteater Space Voyage Book APP review

15th Sep 2014

 ★★★★★  $ 1.99 – September 2014 “Vincent, being a rather science minded anteater, has learned from Peter to look at things closely, and uses the magnifying glass to explore things further.  Along the way, he has stop overs on nine different […]

Pixel and Parker – Storybook Adventure Book APP review

24th Aug 2014

              Pixel and Parker – Story Book Adventure ★★★★  *FREE Pixel and Parker just missed our ‘Educapp Award’ for storybook excellence but dont let this stop you from purchasing this amazing interactive tale.   This storybook […]

Four Little Corners Book APP review

26th Jun 2014

 $3.99 “Bottom Line: A book app about being different. It is an endearing tale about a little square who feels left out while playing with all his circle friends. This book is great for kids who feel excluded or who are […]

Rita the Lizard Book APP Review

20th Jun 2014

$3.99  ★★★★★ ANOTHER AMAZING KIRKUS REVIEW  “Rita thinks she is a chameleon just like her Uncle William,” but her bright, unchanging color and strange habits (like snoring while she sleeps on a zebra) don’t exactly make her blend into the […]

How Rocket Learned to Read Book App Review

6th May 2014

$4.99     ★★★★★           “The app for How Rocket Learned to Read is perfect in many ways. The narration fits the tone and speed wonderfully, soothing and yet a bit lilting. The colors are bright and cheerful on […]

Dont Let the Pigeon Run this APP Book Review

25th Apr 2014

$5.99 ★★★★★ “Don’t let the Pigeon Run This App is a delightful, silly digital recreation. We love that kids can save their favorite stories, and the special Draw the Pigeon section as well….While the only reading aid is captioning for […]