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Krayon Kiosk iPad Stand

Introducing  our  trademarked  &  patented  Krayon  Kiosk.     Customize your Krayon Kiosk with the best educational APP content  including  math,  science, reading,  writing,  spelling,  geography,  problem  solving,  music,  art  and  a  whole  lot  more !   The Krayon Kiosk ipad holder and stand is enlightening little minds through APP exploration.  

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“Our library attendance over the summer has increased significantly. Children are asking to come learn and play with the Krayon Kiosk “  Barbara  Grodin – Children’s Librarian

Previously, children would go directly to our saltwater fish tank to see the clown fish… now they run straight to the Krayon Kiosks!”  Ellen Firer – Director Merrick Library

“Thank you for an amazing educational iPad stand.   Our Krayon Kiosk includes educational apps that encourage child hood safety”    Cathy Mealing – Director  @  The Bryant Library

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Crayon Kiosk ipad stand Library

crayola ipad stand station holder


HEIGHT : 46″ 

WEIGHT : 22 lbs 



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