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Merrick Library Testimonial

Crayon iPad Kiosks Are Instant Hit at Merrick Public Library

 In 2013, Library Director Ellen Firer of the Merrick Library on Long Island, NY, was talking to another Nassau County library director, a woman who was considering buying Aridan Books’ unique crayon-shaped iPad kiosks for her library’s children’s room.  Firer was intrigued and soon pursued the idea for Merrick Library, too.

Firer was particularly impressed by the way Aridan Books’ colorful kiosks merge popular iPad technology with the comforting familiarity of the iconic crayon. “Technology is here to stay, and it’s changing constantly,” the library director said. “The role of the library has always been communication and information, so it’s important we have the latest technology.”

One iPad Kiosk Soon Became Two

Firer purchased her first iPad Kiosk with four iPad stations. Each station features a secure iPad holder for the library’s own iPads. By having their iPads safely locked on the kiosks, Firer realized the library no longer had to bother with renting out the iPads to library members.

The kiosks were an instant hit, prompting Firer to buy a second 4-station kiosk a few months later. Since then, 38 of the 54 Nassau County public libraries joined together as a group purchaser of Aridan Books’ iPad stands.

More Popular than the Clown Fish

“Before we had these iPad stands,” Firer said, “the children would come in with their parents and run straight to our saltwater fish tank to see the clown fish. Now they run straight to the crayon kiosks.” Firer knew the children would like the kiosks and the wonderful children’s apps but was quite surprised at just how much the children and their parents gather around the kiosks.

The iPad kiosks are not just interesting to children who have never seen them before. “The children have a continued interest in them so it’s not just a first-time thrill,” said Firer. On an average day, at least 25 children play and learn at the iPad stations.

Aridan Books provides a Remote Content Management Servicewhich loads and maintains the customer’s selection of children’s apps on the crayon kiosks. Since Merrick Library has about 50 apps, Firer opted to have her own tech support person load and maintain them. Each child can select from a whole page of apps which Merrick Library changes often to keep the selection fresh.

Perfect for Toddlers to Eight-Year Olds

Merrick Library has popular children’s apps for books and many educational subjects like math, geography and puzzles. Even the toddlers use the Disney Minnie Mouseke Puzzle game app, Firer said. “The pieces break apart and the child touches a piece and drags it into position,” said Firer. “When the puzzle is complete, it turns into animation.”

Firer emphasized that children like repetition. Children’s apps, like the Minnie Mouseke Puzzle app, lets kids master a level and progress to the next more difficult level. “It’s a perfect combination of fun and education.”

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