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Public Libraries

iPad Kiosks and Stands for Public Libraries

Aridan Books enhances young children’s joy of learning with the creation of their unique iPad Kiosks for public libraries. Shaped like giant crayons, our innovative iPad stands accommodate up to four iPad stations, each with a secure iPad holder for your iPads.

Fun & Learning for Toddlers thru 8 Year Olds

Aridan Books’ patented and trademarked iPad stands make it easy for young children to sit in front of an iPad station, select an icon app on the touch screen and start having fun learning new concepts. Even toddlers are easily engaged with our puzzle game apps.

iPad Kiosks for Public Libraries

Ellen Firer, Library Director of the Merrick Library in Merrick, Long Island, NY, bought her first iPad Kiosk with four iPad stations from Aridan Books in 2013. It was an instant hit in the Children’s Room. Less than a year later, she bought a second 4-station kiosk. Now Nassau County’s 54 public libraries have joined together as a group purchaser of Aridan Books’ unique iPad Kiosks (Stands).

Firer knew the children would enjoy using the children’s educational apps on the colorful iPad stations, but she didn’t expect the kiosks to be as wildly popular as they have become.

“Before we had these iPad stands,” Firer said, “the children would come in with their parents and run straight to our saltwater fish tank to see the clown fish. Now they run straight to the crayon kiosks.” Read Ellen Firer’s full story.

Benefits of Aridan Books’ iPad Stands for Public Libraries

  1. Leading-edge technology – iPads are part of a major shift from desktop computers to the mobility of laptops and tablets. Aridan’s colorful kiosks create a fun, secure setting for educational apps, and blending new technology with the familiarity of the iconic crayon.
  2. Age-appropriate apps – It’s easy to keep your selection fresh with our wide variety of the best children’s apps for every age.  Browse our recommended best apps for kids.
  3. Fun for children and their parents – Our popular iPad stands for public libraries give parents more reasons to bring their children to your library for a unique educational experience.

Two Ways to Customize your Aridan Books Kiosks

    • Aridan Books’ Remote Content Management System
      • Selection of Apps – We’ll customize your iPad app selection according to your preferences using our extensive inventory of reviewed and recommended children’s apps in all categories—reading, spelling, math and much more.
      • Apps Installation – Using iCloud technology, we remotely install your customized app selection so you don’t have to physically install every app on your iPads.
      • Tech Support – Our friendly tech support staff is on call to help you during business hours.
  • Do-It-Yourself Content Management System


  • If you have an onsite computer technician, you can choose to load your own iPad apps.

For more information about our unique iPad Kiosks and Stands for public libraries, first check out our Products page. Then call Aridan Books at (516) 208-2331 or contact us online for more information or to place your order.