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News Letter Summer 2014 – Best Kids APPs for Learning and Reading

9th Sep 2014












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Educate and Entertain at the Same Time with our amazing collection of the best Reading Apps and Learning APPs for Kids

Educational facilities are learning that book apps for kids are a great way to get children interested in reading. Even in libraries, we are seeing more electronic offerings for children. A great way to educate children while encouraging early literacy is to utilize modern technology with the help of our iPad kiosk for kids.  Our tablet stand for kids allows children to sit at a screen to read, learn, create and explore at their own pace and timing.  When iPads are managed properly and outfitted with the best kids book apps, reading apps, writing apps, & early literacy apps – we create an amazing digital playground for kids.  Along with this Aridan Books and their Crayon Kiosk includes the best math / science / geography / music / art   & problem solving apps for kids.  Children as young as just a year or two in age will have their interest in reading, learning, and creating peaked. That’s why Aridan books offers iPad kiosks for kids (the Crayon Kiosk), along with iPad management to help turn your iPad into a learning tool equipped with the best safety and security features for young kids and toddlers.   Check out our our APP recommendations pages too – offering children the best learning experience with their ipad and tablet device.


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