The Crayon Kiosk is the best educational iPad / tablet stand on the market, enlightening little minds through APP exploration.

We offer the best educational content for kids with our customizable Kiosk. Don't Delay - Order Today !

Kustomize your Kiosk

Our primary focus is on childhood education through APP design, kiosk solutions for kids, along with iCloud management of iPads and tablets.

We publish our own educational content in the form of APPs and Books, and are setting the standard for high quality interactive story book design, illustration, and animation.

“Our library attendance over the summer has increased significantly. Children are asking to come learn and play with the Crayon Kiosk"Barbara Grodin,
Children's Librarian
“Thank you for an amazing educational iPad stand. Our Crayon Kiosk includes educational apps that encourage child hood safety."Cathy Mealing,
Director at The Bryant Library
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