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David Wiesner’s Spot – Book App Review

8th Jun 2015

★★★★★  $ 4.99  best book app

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Educapp Award Winner

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“David Wiesner’s Spot is a new app that takes parents and children on a fantastic visual adventure into strange and unique worlds that they have never seen before.  This wordless picture book, by award-winning author/illustrator David Wiesner, has earned our highest distinction, a TOP PICK, for its groundbreaking use of technology and its superb design.

Fun Educational Apps TOP PICK

Created specifically for the iPad, David Wiesner’s Spot is published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a major publisher of educational books and materials.  The first thing parents will notice is the absence of some traditional app features, but this is by design.  Spot does not contain any spoken dialogue, since all of the characters are non-human.  Instead, the robots, viperfish, cats, and aliens communicate with each other through facial expressions, actions and sound effects.  It also does not include any games or puzzles, for the simple reason that they aren’t necessary to keep children engaged in the app. ”  Read the full review  https://www.funeducationalapps.com/


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★★★★★  EDUCAPP AWARD  ★★★★★

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