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The Great Sasquatch – Book App Review

22nd Jan 2015


★★★★★  $ 2.99

Bramble Berry Tales – The Great Sasquatch

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” This story is beautiful on many levels.  The illustrations are amazing and colorful.  The story itself is an amazing story about friendship and not judging a book by its cover.    The fact that it is rich in the culture, tradition and language of the Indians of the Pacific Northwest adds an additional element of beauty that sets this story apart.  Throughout the story, some words are highlighted and when tapped they reveal additional insights into the word as seen through the Indian people.  Several of the words in the story are in the native Halq’eméylem language with translations and you can even listen to the story in this language.  I am always on the lookout for ways to teach my children about the world around them and this is one story that I will surely use.  Your family will definitely benefit from adding this wonderful and educational story to your library….


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“Bramble Berry Tales is an award winning storybook app series that highlights stories from the Indian cultures indigenous to the Pacific Northwest.  Through these delightful and interactive story books, your children will be educated in the language and traditions of the Squamish, Sto:lo, and Cree Nations.  In the second story of this series, “The Great Sasquatch”, we learn the legend of the Sasquatch and the meaning behind this mysterious creature.

In this story, Thomas wakes early anxious to meet his “Mooshum” or grandfather for a walk in the woods.  His plans are altered when his little sister Lily follows him outside, wanting to tag along on their walk.  Thomas is annoyed but grudgingly agrees to let Lily come along.  As they are traveling through the woods they begin to see clues that a large creature has been in the area.  There are fallen branches and extremely large footprints.  Just as Thomas is about to warn Lily to stay close, they come upon a baby Sasquatch.  Thomas immediately assumes that the Sasquatch is hostile and dangerous and wants to run away but Lily sees something different.  She approaches the giant and realizes that he is in trouble and needs their help.  When the baby’s mother enters the scene, Thomas gets really concerned.  Will Lily and Thomas be harmed by the Sasquatch or will they learn a valuable lesson in friendship?  You’ll have to read it to find out! “


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