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The Little Bug Book APP review

30th Oct 2014

The Little Bug iTunes

 ★★★★★  $ 2.99  

Another amazing book app recommendation by Aridan Books.

 Jackie Littman – creator and graphic designer – delivers an amazing interactive storybook for children to read and explore.  This story delivers important literary elements, while enhancing a child’s understanding about the tiny little creatures living right beneath our feet.


“The Little Bug is an adorable high quality ebook for young children. The app includes high-quality illustrations, professional narration, and pleasant background music. The artwork has an interesting look, since it is hand-painted but looks like cut-paper outlines, which makes an interesting mix. The colors are realistic, yet bright and eye-catching. All of the controls are intuitive and easy to use. The app also uses a wide array of interactions, which will help maintain children’s interest and increase the play value of the ebook.”


“This app does a remarkable job of satisfying young readers’ curiosity and providing information effortlessly. Children will not realize how much they are learning, but the text and illustrations provide a rich explanation of common insects’ main traits. Furthermore, the ebook has several positive messages about talents, self-esteem, and putting effort into projects. As they explore each page, they will uncover each insect’s secrets by swiping, tapping, tilting and more…..”

Read the full review by Sandra Fleming at www.bestappsforkids.com


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★★★★★  EDUCAPP AWARD  ★★★★★

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