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“The Tree I see App improves child’s working memory and recall”

9th Sep 2012

The Tree I See was featured as the App Pick of the Week by BestChildrenApps.com and they were kind enough to do a detailed review of our interactive storybook app for kids. The review also carried quotes from happy users, mentioning how they found the app useful for their kids.

Quote from the review

In “The Tree I see”, that is what children are being taught amongst other life skills that are important for them to learn. “The Tree I See” is an interactive storybook written and directed by Robert J. Mascarelli and illustrated by Frank Grau Jr offers elements in the story that is able to improve a child’s working memory and re-calling ability as they read.

Read the full review right here.

Aridan Books will always endeavor to publish learning apps for kids, like The Tree I See, that bring together interactivity, fun, learning and strong values.