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How Rocket Learned to Read Book App Review

6th May 2014

$4.99     ★★★★★

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“The app for How Rocket Learned to Read is perfect in many ways. The narration fits the tone and speed wonderfully, soothing and yet a bit lilting. The colors are bright and cheerful on the iPad, and the page turning works smoothly. There are little interactive features on each page – the bird flaps its wings, Rocket blinks his eyes or nods his head. But the interactive features are gentle and don’t overwhelm the story in any way. Children can also read the text by themselves, clicking on individual words for help. The alphabet banner responds to tapping, saying each letter and an item that starts with that letter.” read the full review by Mary Ann Scheuer, Great Kid Books.


★★★★★  EDUCAPP AWARD  ★★★★★

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