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Kids App Picture Book Hits the Highest Marks

20th Mar 2015

Many Thanks to the Appo Learning team who reviewed our Storybook App Picture book called The Tree I See.

We are happy to hit the highest marks on her Report Card for Childrens Apps that excell in  Educational Content, Function, and Engagement !

Report logo Certified Report Card

Scored by Jill Goodman

  • Educational Content and Function
  • Engagement


” This particular children’s picture book comes with an entire control panel of settings that let parents customize the reading experience for their kids. The story is short, makes use of rhyming text which supports literacy, and uses familiar vocabulary. It’s a story about friendship and, more importantly, how to treat friends. Sharing is not something that comes naturally to young children, so the lesson in the book is an important one for kids beginning school to understand and embrace.

The Tree I See shares much in common with Shel Silverstein’s excellent classic children’s book The Giving Tree. Here, the tree shares its shade, nuts, branches and flowers with a boy and several animals. Everyone who benefits is quite grateful for the tree’s generosity. In a departure from the Silverstein story, those who take from the tree have an opportunity to repay the favors and help the tree. Children get a sense of the meaning of sharing and also that good deeds are often repaid in kind.

The read to me, auto-play and text highlighting features in this title make it perfect for emergent readers. The text box disappears after it’s read so kids have full access to the illustrations and can search for all the interactive areas. Making the tree smile, the clouds send a little rain, or moving fireflies around the page are just a few of the many things for kids to discover on the pages. A magic ink rainbow to draw on the last page perfectly caps the happy ending.”


Reviewed by

Jill Goodman