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OPAC Kiosk Tablet Furniture Stands

30th Dec 2015

OPAC Crayon Shaped iPad Kiosks and Proactive Little Learners 



Testimonial by Stephanie Smith – Elementary School Librarian




“We are in a world where we are teaching our children to be independent, information literate, proactive learners.  For this reason, we felt that the Krayon Kiosks would be a great fit for our Library at the Glenwood Landing Elementary School in Glenwood Landing, New York.

Students utilize the Krayon Kiosks daily to make their book circulation time more efficient and effective.  The innovative tool motivates students to search for books independently and, therefore, molds them into self-sufficient library users.  The students that were once hesitant and intimidated by the desktop computers are now racing to the Krayon Kiosk to locate their books through the OPAC at the Krayon Kiosk.  What a difference!Elementary School Kids iPad Kiosk solution Stephanie Smith – With the Glenwood North Shore Schools Brand New Krayon Kiosk

Perfect for young minds eager to learn and explore 

In addition to the OPAC stations, the Krayon Kiosks are used as research tools with the iPads.  At Glenwood Landing Elementary School, students are proficient in the use of databases that are accessible through the district and public library.  While in the Library for research, students utilize the Krayon Kiosks and iPads to navigate their way through the databases to uncover their information.” – read more….