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ESGI & Friends iPad Kiosk Kindergarten School Giveaway

9th Jan 2016

Start the New Year off with the best gift you can ever give yourself…
And we are also offering up a true passion of mine… technology!
{Technology comes in a close second for me because using technology
usually is a HUGE time saver for me in the log run too!}

ESGI and 13 Smart and Talented Blogger are coming together to treat you to a gift of

If you don’t know what ESGI is…
check out this post I wrote about it last year ‘‘ here’‘ 

Now comes the GRAND PRIZE!
Day 13 – January 21st One lucky teacher will receive 1 iPad Kiosk from Aridan Books
+ 4 iPads + 4 chairs + 1 license of ESGI.
{I want this sooo badly I can hardly type right now!}

What is an iPad Krayon Kiosk?
iPad Kiosk

The Krayon Kiosk is an  iPad stand filled with apps
for early education along with access to web-based subscription learning programs.
Interested to learn more, follow this link to Aridan books.

What do you have to do?

    1. Click HERE to register or a FREE 60 Day Trial of ESGI. (No credit card info will be take… no tricks… just a 60 day free trial.) Grab that username or the username of the account you already have {and LOVE because ESGI is just that AMAZING}.
  • Holly Jordan

    I am so excited to start using ESGI with my kinders. What an awesome giveaway!! The iPad kiosk looks amazing.

  • Kamala Hendricks

    Awesome giveaway

  • Kristie Friar

    Awesome giveaway! Would be great for this first year teacher!

  • Betsy Brown

    Wow! What a difference this kiosk would make in my kinder-bear classroom! My little ones are required to be on our computer programs every single day for testing. This kiosk would be terrific for traffic flow and to get them excited about learning, plus it would give us more time for whole group learning by providing room for more students during computer times.

  • Erica Priscella

    This is amazing! I can’t wait to see who wins! 😉

  • Jessi Mumm

    I am excited to learn more about ESGI!

  • Cindy Smith

    The Kiosk and so cool. What a great giveaway!

  • Nayeli Coronado

    What an awesome giveaway!

  • Mechell LaPointe Smith

    Thank you for teaming up with everyone for this great giveaway!!

  • Kristin

    I’m excited to learn more about ESGI!

  • Carol Tavares

    What a great way to learn about your products and about ESGI. Kids would love to have an ipad to use in class too. Thanks.

  • Cindy

    What an awesome way to learn about your site!! I can’t wiat to check it out!! Thanks!

  • Angie Harbison

    Getting started on the free trial of ESGI in my classroom on Monday! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win your awesome product!

  • Cheryl Anderson Kaake

    Love ESGI! It is a lifesaver for me in my Kindergarten classroom! Love the idea of the Kiosk!

  • Carla Cundiff

    I have LOVED using ESGI this year! It is great! And I love all of the options for assessment!

  • Debbie Eccles

    What a great giveaway! Can’t wait to try ESGI.

  • Brandi Moore

    These kiosks are so cool and my kinder kids would love them!

  • Julie Davis

    We love ESGI!!! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!!

  • Cynthia Wood

    Thank you!

  • Diane Bode

    I am just finding out about ESGI! And I like what I see. I would love to have this tool. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • yolundia cleveland

    I have heard so much about ESGI and I cant wait to start testing it out in my classroom!

  • Karyn Wilbur

    So excited about ESGI! Finally a way to streamline assessments and the fact that I can personalize them to my curriculum is AMAZING! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  • Mindy Matthews

    ESGI is so generous! Thank you! I am begging my principal daily! Seriously! Thank you!

  • Cynthia Lukas

    This is the most amazing giveaway EVER!

  • Amy Paulhamus

    I love ESGI and this crayon kiosk would be awesome!

  • Kelly Brown

    This would be awesome to win. I would love to have this for my class.

  • bsheer

    What fun! This looks so cute and fun to use. ESGI is great – everyone should use it!

  • Angela Coan

    I would LOVE ESGI! I started assessing at the beginning of the year, but my trial ran out and can’t convince administration yet to buy it!!! I would love this, so that by the end of the year I can show JUST how helpful it is!!! This kiosk would also look amazing in our library where currently there are NO computers for kids to use 🙁

  • R T

    ESGI saves me so much time! I would love to continue using it but I am not sure if our budget will allow it. I would love a subscription! This kiosk looks like an amazing way to organize technology!

  • Jacque Barton

    I’ve loved using ESGI, I’m saving my money to sign up for a year license if I don’t win. These iPad kiosks look awesome! This would save me so much time with charging and I love the picture of all the kids gathered around using the iPads together!

  • Lisa Jacobs

    ESGI is great! A year of it would be wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity. The I pad station looks amazing!

  • Renee Sims

    This is the first time I have seen the iPad station and it looks so kid friendly! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  • Wanda Thompson Smith

    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!

  • Meja Hammons

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Callie Rae McJunkin

    HOW COOL! This is great I am so excited to be in this giveaway! We are a school with little technology in our rooms so having 4 ipads AND the kiosk would be very cool! I am also a first year teacher so having a year of ESGI would be great. I have used it under a mentor teacher before teaching and loved it. I am excited to use it in my own classroom with the trial.

  • Cecilia Bartram

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Kristin Cappelli

    The Krayon Kiosk would be wonderful for my special needs students! I would love the year of ESGI also! Thank you for the chance to win.

  • Alicia Dudley

    This is so cool! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Melissa

    I would love to win!!!! I can’t wait to use this new information!

  • Amanda Talley


  • Caroline Narag

    I love ESGI. Can’t get my district to buy it for me so I’m saving up, however, winning would be the best!! Thank you for supporting teachers in this give away!!!

  • Mdoyen1

    Thank you for being a part of this giveaway!!

  • Dawna


  • Rebekah Mogee

    This is so awesome! I love it!!!

  • Jen Morris

    Wow! This is great! ESGI is awesome!

  • Sara Heithold

    I do not have any ipads in class so a chance to win 4 more my class is amazing! Thank you for the chance to win.

  • Jamie Schwierking

    Love esgi!

  • Kim McNeil

    I love ESGI. It is a great resource!!

  • Lynn Scales

    What a great give away!

  • Emily

    Love ESGI! Well worth the money.

  • Glynis McIntyre

    Love ESGI!


    This is the best!! What a great way to fit a tech station into a small area. Kids will love it too!!

  • Tracy Peterman

    ESGI is a great resource for finding and creating assessments, and it’s so easy to use. I love that it creates flash cards to send home with students so they can practice skills that they haven’t mastered, yet. ESGI definitely saves teachers a lot of time. The iPad Kiosk looks amazing!

  • Karen Harris

    I love ESGI!! It is a great tool and time saver.

  • Katie Nussbaum

    Thanks for being a part of this great giveaway!

  • Michelle LeBlanc

    Very exciting giveaway!

  • cathy

    ESGI saves me so much time!! Love it!! And what an AWESOME giveaway!!! thanks, y’all!! xoxo

  • Janice Koonce Austin

    Wow! What an incredible give away! I love ESGI, too. It’s made my life so much easier this year!

  • Maria Y.

    I would love to win a subscription to ESGI!!

  • kcarter

    Our kinder team has used ESGI for the last 2 years! It’s great!

  • Christine Wallace

    Didn’t win the lottery but winning this would also make me happy!

  • Jennifer Nanez

    Would love to win this!

  • Cherrish Starr Sharlow

    Wow! This is so AMAZING! I love ESGI! It is such an essential classroom tool! We don’t have any IPAD’s at our school. I know the kids would freak out! Thanks to all of the sponsors! 🙂

  • Leticia Rios

    I would love to win the kiosk and the iPads with kid friendly apps on them so, they can develop their language, reading, writing and math skills!

  • Porschea Gamble

    I would LOVE to win this kiosk and iPads! The Kiosk would match my room perfectly and most importantly, my kinders would LOVE this new classroom learning station. I have so many ways to incorporate this great product into the daily learning instruction of my kinders. My fingers, toes, eyes, arms and legs are crossed!!!

  • Sarah Richard

    I’m so excited about this! Such a fun way to start the new year! Can’t wait to see who wins! 🙂

  • Taylor Day

    I love ESGI !