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Playtime Technology Toys at the Library

28th Jan 2016

Colorful Kids Tech Additions at the Local Library


HAMLET, North Carolina — Two Richmond County libraries have new colorful additions in the form of Krayon Kiosks inside their respective kids section with ipads attached for an amazing learning experience.

The kiosks, which were both added in November, are best described as giant crayons with iPads attached to them for kids to play games on. The Hamlet Public Library purchased a yellow one with two consoles and Leath Memorial’s is blue with twice the tablets.

Carmella Johnson, supervisor of the Hamlet Library, said “the iPads have different children’s apps, with educational games on them such as “Search and Find” that were selected by herself and Adrian Williams at Leath.”

“We purchased ours through the Dollar General brand,” said Johnson, referring to the company’s literacy grant program. “You write a grant and ask what you can spend the money on. I used that money ‘cause the grant is to purchase children’s computers. The kids love it, which I’m excited about.”

Downtown, Leath Memorial Library events coordinator Debbie Knight has had Rockingham’s library’s Krayon Kiosk plugged in and ready to go since Dec. 1. This kiosk was purchased through the Pee Dee Care to Share program.

As far as the popularity of the kiosks, Knight said the word is getting out, and more kids are seen using it after school.

In addition, parents are able to use a Chromebook laptop provided by Leath Memorial, with a library card, to be able to take back to the kids section with them.

Said Knight, “It gives them something to do.”


Photo provided by the Leath Library –

Matt Harrelson | Daily Journal Kathryn Roller, 4, of Rockingham, plays an educational game on one of the iPads connected to Hamlet Public Library’s new Krayon Kiosk.