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PreHistoric Mystery – Book App Review

28th Aug 2015

★★★★★  $ 2.99  

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“Stories can’t get much better than SlimCricket’s Prehistoric Mystery. It has all the elements of an instant classic, with lively animated depth and a story line that will keep kids entertained and laughing throughout.  This interactive storybook is rich in modeling of self-regulation and staying cool when the world around you seems to erupt as well as demonstrate problem-solving strategies. Most importantly, it brings up the subject of intolerance and the need to accept others. Lucy frequently reminds the arguing tribes not to jump to conclusions based on one or two facts. She waits, listens, and respects the input of all the citizens.

There are many activities spaced within the story that help reveal clues on how to organize data. One of my favorite activities is rolling the wheel through a maze using the iPad’s accelerometer. Here, kids get practice with dissociating their left and right sides by playing. Why is this important? Being able to dissociate your left from your right helps with both bilateral coordination and the ability to smoothly execute tasks beginning and ending with a directional flow like reading and writing. Other activities involve more than just a quick exchange, and challenge the ability to use both hands in a conjunctive manner, visual scanning, and number sensibilities. Another favorite was the use of breath control to help a fire stay ablaze. It’s these kinds of finely tuned details that incorporate physicality and precision into the apps that make it so original and impact the acquisition of  developmental skills in making a learner successful.” …. read more and the full review  BY JO BOOTH · · SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL, TWA PICKS · ADD COMMENT

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