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Review of The Tree I See by IamMain.ORG

25th Jul 2012

The Tree I See and its efforts towards contributing positively towards helping children with Autism, got a great encouraging review with a real life successful experience noted by the author. We are glad to quote from the MAIN Review of the Week :

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When I was initially shared the details of “The Tree I See” via our Facebook page by Robert J Mascarelli (co-creator), I was unsure just how useful the App would be, as many App’s boast to support children’s development and understanding of feelings, however not many manage to achieve this.

However, I am very pleased to announce that The Tree I See does just that!  I downloaded it for my son Jacob, he is ten and on the Autistic Spectrum.  Given that he is high functioning, when I looked at the App, I was sure that he would find it too basic for his understanding, however he found the story to be enchanting and it has quickly became his favourite App on his iPad.

The animation on the App is beautiful; it has clearly been designed with children with autism in mind, even down to the colours used being neutral and non-hyper sensitive; meaning that he could use the App repeatedly without being hyperactive as a result.  Along with the rhyming language used which has helped his understanding of poetry, and with his understanding of the story.

Possibly the most pleasant part of the story, is how it has developed his understanding of the emotional responses of others.  Despite being high functioning on the spectrum, Jacob still struggles with understanding of others emotions as well as his own; however with support and reviewing the subject matter, Jacob was able to the tree fear of being left alone, the desire to be with other for comfort and the needs for friendships.

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