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Reading – Perth Australia

29th May 2012

Christa Fung – Aridan Books Director of Asian-Pacific Operations reads at  a playgroup meeting hosted by her church in Perth Australia.    Aridan Books was given the privilege  to read The Tree I See, while spreading a Message about Autism Awareness  —– May 25th 2012– – Thank you !!

Aridan Books has been given the opportunity to honor and recognize the following institutions who offer services and care for children and their families who work through the joys, trials, and challenges of an Autism Spectrum Disorder.These organizations believe in our goal to increase Autism Awareness throughout the world, and appreciate our efforts in producing an APP to increase global awareness. 


–                  https://www.autism.org.au/                                       https://www.autismwest.org.au/


–           https://www.friendsofautism.org.au/