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Create a Fun Learning Environment!

Fun is at the top of any kid’s to-do list, and our reading apps for kids coupled with an iPad kiosk stand can result in making that fun time educational as well.

When a child’s senses are fully engaged through sight, sound, and touch, the learning experiences are sure to create embedded neural pathways. Aridan Books is happy to use modern technology to create such an interactive learning experience for kids using modern technology in fun and unique ways.

Book Apps for Kids and More!

Our book apps for kids are second to none, and we are reviewing more apps on a regular basis on our book app review page. Books, however, are just one part of the Aridan learning paradigm. We offer content that educates children in science, math, writing, spelling, problem solving, music, art, and so much more. Our iPad management program helps you to build a customized education station that meets the needs of your organization. Remote management gives you the freedom to make changes without having to wait for tech support to show up at your office.

iPad Kiosk Stands Fully Engage Young Minds

These brightly-colored stands (available in red, blue, and yellow) are customizable to the needs of your business. They are already stationed in libraries and other learning facilities across the US and Canada, fully equipped with our reading apps for kids and other educational applications. Combine the stands with iPads managed by Aridan Books and loaded with the latest in e-learning apps to create an environment that touches young minds and helps them to grow.

Contact the Kids Reading App Pros for a Customized iPad Kiosk Stand

For more information about how Aridan books can help you to develop a customized iPad kiosk stand, loaded with the best kids reading apps and other educational apps, contact us by calling 516-208-2331, or contact us directly through our website.

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