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Reading Apps for Kids

19th Jun 2014

Reading Apps for Kids Help Get Children Excited About Reading!

A recent study showed that fewer than one third of kids still read daily for fun and only 3 out of 5 read on a weekly basis (it’s closer to three quarters if you count kids who are read to by their parents). This is a disturbing trend when you consider how important reading is to children’s development.

Reading at an early age results in greater academic achievements. Communications skills are learned and improved upon when children read, or are read to regularly. Reading also helps children master language by increasing vocabulary and displaying examples of how words are used in sentences. Kids also enjoy new and exciting experiences as they read stories on different subjects.

So How can this Downward Reading Spiral be Reversed?
Consider Reading Apps for Kids!

The top increase in kids’ recreational activities took place in 3 categories: watching YouTube videos, text messaging, and using mobile apps. That last activity is where hope arises — and Aridan Books comes in. A full complement of kids reading apps are available today, and Aridan Books makes them easily available. The mobile applications combine something that kids are using more and more anyway – apps – with something that they should be doing – reading, in order to create a fun and interactive learning activity.

Finally, don’t dismiss the importance of reading together with a child. It is a bonding experience which has emotional and mental benefits for the child. If reading apps for kids encourage you to read to your child more often (after all, parents love mobile apps and technology too) then this will simply increase the benefits even more. As the library of kids’ reading apps continues to grow, no doubt these will be of great benefit to helping children get back to finding enjoyment in reading.

So consider what opportunities are available to you and your child when it comes to e-learning. Reading is something that is too important to simply leave to chance, and reading apps for kids may be the answer you have been searching for.