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iPad Kiosk Stands Take the Wait out of Waiting Rooms!

18th Jun 2014

With iPad Kiosk Stands, You Can Convert Waiting Rooms into Spaces that Kids Want to Be In!

The emergence of iPad kiosk stands may very well change the state of waiting rooms forever. Have you become accustomed to your waiting room awash in crying, or nervous – or just plain bored – kids? Sure, one or two parents might have their kids sitting off to the side with a back issue, but that’s the exception. Today, kids want to be engaged more deeply, and with all of their senses involved. And, of course, they want to be stress free.

Enter iPad kiosk stands…a great new way to help settle down the waiting room situation. And perhaps even let parents get something accomplished while they wait!

iPad Kiosk Stands Turn Wait Time into Fun Time

iPad kiosk stands from Aridan Books are designed to create a safe environment for kids, and allow potentially frustrating waiting time to turn into happy learning time. Imagine the expression on a child’s face when they enter your waiting room filled with reluctance — only to find what appears to be a giant crayon. If that isn’t enough of a pleasant surprise, the giant crayon is actually an iPad kiosk stand with a ready-to-use iPad facing in each direction. Each tablet is pre-filled with apps that encourage fun and learning.

Are you imagining your fun and child-friendly waiting room? Do you like what you’re seeing?

Aridan Books can help make this vision your reality. We provide specialists who can help you maintain and load apps and programs into the iPads if your staff is too busy. In the end, what you have is a room full of kids playing happily and quietly at iPad kiosk stands, taking the wait in stride. The loudest outburst you may hear is an occasional whoop of excitement when a child discovers a new app that they love!

iPad Kiosk Stands Bring Smiles to Children, Parents and Staff Alike!

So let’s outline the benefits of an iPad kiosk stand in your waiting room!
* Children are quiet, busy and stress free
* The kids are learning as they play
* Parents no longer have to dread the wait or work to keep their children busy. They may even have time to get some work done themselves!
* Fewer complaints about wait time and an environment where employees can be more productive and less stressed
* Kids ask their parents if they can come back – soon – to visit your office again (Well… you never know!)