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Four Little Corners Book APP review

26th Jun 2014

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“Bottom Line: A book app about being different. It is an endearing tale about a little square who feels left out while playing with all his circle friends. This book is great for kids who feel excluded or who are learning the importance of including someone who feels left out. This is a cute, easy to understand story. Parents and teachers can adapt the moral of the tale to many situations. By using shapes as the characters in the story, the app does not draw attention to one specific cause for exclusion. It makes the book so much more applicable than simply having it be real kids with one in a wheelchair, or not wearing the right clothes, or being a different religion. By leaving it more abstract the book can be applied in so many situations. From a child with Asperger’s feeling sensory overload at a loud event to a girl without a nice dress not being able to go to a dance, this book is relatable for any child who feels left out of a situation for being different. “ Four Little Corners  Another wonderful book app review by Rachel H @ www.smartappsforkids.com – click on the link  to  read the full review –

★★★★★  EDUCAPP AWARD  ★★★★★

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