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I Love You Too – Book App Review

22nd Mar 2014

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“…Reading through the story brought so much joy for both my preschooler and myself. She loved not only the words, but also Ziggy Marley’s voice. As usual, she tended to touch pictures on the page to see the word spelled out as well as verbally spoken. The sound effects are excellent. (And of course, these options can be turned off if they are distracting to the reader.)  My preschooler read along with Marley, trying to mimic his accent. The message of the story is great, as it was written for one of Marley’s sons, and was based off a song he had written. So the sing along mode got my daughter and I singing right along! This is a very cute book that is fun for the entire family! And it has also introduced my daughter to Reggae music and musician Ziggy Marley!  It’s time to join the sing along!” review by (by Christie Dwyer) – click the link for the full review https://theappyladies.com/i-love-you-too-ziggy-marley

★★★★★  EDUCAPP AWARD  ★★★★★

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