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Lucy Ladybird Book App Review

7th Dec 2013

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$5.99   Now  $2.99  ★★★★★

Story Book App Review: “Lucy Ladybird is an adorable interactive story book APP with an excellent lesson for young children.   Lucy Ladybird realizes that she is quite different from the other ladybirds because she has no spots.   Feeling a little down, she begins a quest to find herself and her own spots, so she can “fit in” with other ladybirds.   Lucy travels through various seasons and quickly learns how many other animals are decorated with intricate spots that have vibrant color.  Each character and color arrangement corresponds elegantly with each season.  With each new encounter, a wonderful compliment is given to Lucy Ladybird about her own beauty.  Lucy’s wonderful new friends – a frog, caterpillar, fish, & bird – offer one of their own spots to Lucy ladybird.  The interaction in having each reader place a spot offered from Lucy Ladybirds friends; helps build the concept of sharing for young children.  By the end of this endearing story, other ladybirds soon realize it is quite beautiful to be a little different.    This beautiful interactive tale soars into the Educapp realm of book app excellence!


The author – Sharon King-Chai and development by Iain Clark  –  includes an original brilliant graphic design, with just enough interactive involvement to keep the reader grounded in the story.  As Lucy Ladybird travels through the 4 seasons, children will learn the seasons and help interact with each the page – growing flowers in the spring, popping snowflakes in the winter, and helping  leaves fall from trees  in the fall.    Along with this a coloring page activity is offered at the end of the book for children to enhance their fine motor skills.”  Book App review Team @ Aridan Books, Inc. ”


★★★★★  EDUCAPP AWARD  ★★★★★

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