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Pat the Bunny Book APP review

16th Dec 2013

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$ 3.99 ★★★★★


“PAT THE BUNNY is a clever twist on the original print book by the same name. With the same artwork style and characters (plus a few new ones), the book encourages kids to interact with the story images in new ways, while practicing their reading at the same time. Though it still has the soft illustrations done with a two-dimensional quality of the original book, much of the content is different. However, it still retains the same charming bunny who will capture the interest and imagination of people much older than the intended audience. In addition, the simple painting activity can be very satisfying for the very young who may be frustrated by other painting apps, since they only need to swipe their finger to bring color to the canvas. ”

“Parents need to know that Pat the Bunny is a clever re-telling of the well-known children’s book by Dorothy Kunhardt. The color, style, and artwork are very similar to the book, and the gentle play that is encouraged also follows the original style. Kids can read the book, or have it read to them, and interact with several elements on each page. There is also an option to record your own voice reading the story. Additionally, kids can paint each page in the book. This process involves brushing a finger across the screen, and the color will appear automatically in the right places. There is more than one way to get to each reading or painting page, but once kids learn their way around, they will be able to access all of the content. For devices equipped with a camera, the page with a mirror will show your child’s own face — a very cool effect.This review of Pat the Bunny was written by  @ https://www.commonsensemedia.org/mobile-app-reviews/pat-the-bunny – read the full review today !


★★★★★  EDUCAPP AWARD  ★★★★★

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